Nora el Bekri

TVPaint Animation– Introduction & Demonstration

PRESENTATION: Saturday 26.5., 11:15 @ MuseumsQuartier – Raum D/quartier21

TVPaint Animation (also known as TVPaint, TVP, Aura or Mirage) is a software for 2D bitmap animation that exists since 1991.
TVPaint Animation is developed and distributed by TVPaint Développement (a French company based in Metz).

Thanks to it, you can:
– create your storyboards and animatics;
– animate, color and imitate traditional tools (gouache, watercolor, chalk, greasy pencil, etc);
– mix traditional techniques on paper and digital;
– manage sound tracks and lipsync;
– add FXs as well as many other possibilities!

TVPaint Animation is used worldwide. In fact, it is sold in more than 70 countries and is used in more than 400 schools. Many renowned animation studios have already chosen our technology.


Nora El Bekri was born in Nancy in the North East of France. She studied communication, journalism and audiovisual at the Institute of Cinema and Audiovisual in Nancy.
Passionate about cinema, now she works in sales and support at TVPaint Animation. She makes demonstration and training, as well as online sales and support.