Alexandra Valent studied at the FU Berlin and the University of Vienna, where she also was an assistant for many years, and holds a master’s degree in Theatre, Film and Media Sciences. Since 2006 she works for several film festivals and film institutions – in organisation as well as programming.

For more than ten years she was part of the management team of the international film festival VIS Vienna Shorts. She was in charge of the festival’s marketing and communication strategy, as well as media collaborations. Since her joining VIS in 2007 she was also involved in the programming of the festival, curating and presenting short film programs.

Before she joined VIS she gathered experience working for the press and communication department of Austrian talent agency Hoanzl. Later on she supported the team of the film company Witcraft Szenario, helping to realise training initiatives as DIVERSE STORIES – Stories Between Cultures, a project for the development of film stories for authors with an intercultural background or ProPro – The Producers Programme for Women, an initiative by the Austrian Film Institute to empower female film producers.

Since 2017 Alexandra is working for the Austrian Film Archive, an institution for collecting, documenting and presenting Austria’s cinematic heritage. Within this job she is organising events, being in charge of festival cooperations and doing audience building through collaborations. She is also head programmer of the national competition of VIS Vienna Shorts and curator of film programmes throughout the year.